Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Great Celery Experiment

I was browsing something the other day and happened upon a blog post about how to grow celery from the base.  It was one of the very rare occasions when we actually had celery in the house, so of course I had to try it.

I took a mason jar and filled it with water and wedged the celery stalk into the opening so that only the base was covered.  Then I left it by the window and waited.  After 3 days, it had already started to regrow, and after 11 days, it was getting crazy!

Regrowing celery from base
March 12 - Day 3                                    March 20 - Day 11

On Day 11, I decided it was time to move this puppy into the ground, so I took the whole thing and planted it outside, where it would have some room to really grow and thrive.  Hopefully, it will continue to grow and in a few months, I will have my very own homegrown celery stalk.  Since we don't eat celery very often, I could probably do this about two more times and have enough celery for the year.  I could not believe how quickly it grew, which was super exciting because it means it will make an awesome indoor project for the kids someday!  

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  1. Wow what a super money savings...its basically free because it grows out of your "trash" after you eat all you can.