Thursday, March 28, 2013

Book Review: The Leviathan Effect by James Lilliefors


I won this book in a giveaway on, and from the moment I started it, I absolutely loved it. I enjoy the thriller genre, but I get annoyed at all of the cliches (i.e., Independent, abnormally strong woman with troubled marital past due to her career-oriented mindset and cop/FBI agent/otherwise tough but misunderstood guy spend entire book engaged in sexual tension only to finally give in in a trite sex scene just before everyone else realizes the two of them were right all along about Bob - he is the killer!). 

 The Leviathan Effect was just the opposite. Although there was a little love story in there for those who enjoy that, it was not overblown and did not detract from the main story in the least. The subject matter of this book is original and engaging, and from the very first page, the reader is drawn into a complicated mystery that keeps him turning the pages. 

Although there is some bad language, it is minimal, especially compared to other books in the genre. Sex scenes are not described in detail, which is a plus for me. Sex and swearing are not necessary in books, and usually they just detract from the main tale. If a writer can't find a better way to express himself than through vulgarity, that shows an inherent problem with the writer's abilities.

Lucky for me, James Lilliefors can tell an awesome story without being vulgar or using curse words on every other page. Overall, just an awesome book for this genre and compelling enough to be enjoyed by people who aren't thriller junkies like me.

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