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Spare Time Super Mom loves to review products.  I currently am open to trying any kind of product for my son, who will be born in early July, or for my pets or household.  I have two dogs, a German Shepherd-Chow Chow mix and a Beagle, and I love trying new treats and gear for them.  My Beagle came from a very abusive situation, and she is extremely nervous as a result, so I always am looking for products to help her.

Throughout my blog, readers will find reviews and giveaways for various types of products.  At the top of each post, there is a button(s) that tells readers my affiliation with the sponsor, if there is a sponsor, as well as how I received the product for review and giveaway and whether the post contains any affiliate links.

More detailed descriptions of each of these buttons are listed below.  Any reviews or comments that I publish are my own, regardless of whether a company has sponsored the review or giveaway event.  I do not accept compensation, monetary or otherwise, for posting specified content.  My opinion is never for sale.  Please email me with any questions about how these labels work or anything else on the blog.


A press sample is a product or service that I have received for free from a company with the understanding that I will provide a product review.  While I have agreed to provide a review for the product or service, the opinions in that review are strictly my own.


Sponsored content is content that I was compensated for providing, such as a paid advertisement.  Any opinions stated are my own, but other content may have been provided for advertising purposes.


Independently obtained products are products that I purchased or received as gifts from friends, family, or otherwise independent third parties with no interest in my review.


Affiliate links are links that allow me to earn a commission from the sale of a product when one of my readers clicks on them.  I often use affiliate links for products available on Amazon, but there may be others, as well.  My opinions of these products are always my own and are stated honestly in the post.  I will not use an affiliate link for a product I do not think anyone should purchase.

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