Sunday, February 10, 2013

Visiting the Brick and Mortar Cloth Diaper Stores

My husband Jesse travels A LOT for work, something that has become more difficult for me to deal with since I became pregnant.  I mean, I always miss him when he is away, but being with child makes me want him here for every little thing, even if it's just me telling him that the baby is moving.  (We're still at least several weeks from him being able to feel the movements, so there really is no legitimate reason for me to want him physically here instead of on Face Time.)

One of the benefits of him traveling, however, is that at some point, he starts to feel bad for trotting the globe while I pine for him at home.  So, last week, on a call from Finland, he promised to take me shopping to Abby's Lane, a cloth diapering store in Manassas, Virginia.  It was my first time in a cloth diaper store, and it was so much fun!  Seeing all those diapers in one place, with about a hundred different colors and designs, just made me so excited to start using them.  Jesse, of course, was not quite as excited as I was, but he did pick out a couple of diapers that he would like to see in the stash once we figure out if we're buying for a guy or a gal.

Sadly, Abby's Lane is closing their store location and going online only in April, and there are no other cloth diaper stores nearby.  Of course, there are plenty of online retailers, but there is something so amazing about being in the store, surrounded by all those adorable diapers!

If you are trying to locate a cloth diaper retailer, you can find a full listing, along with store type, features, brands, and more, offered by Padded Tush Stats.  If you do have a brick and mortar store nearby and are considering cloth diapers, I strongly recommend that you go check them out in person.  They are absolutely adorable, and you will fall in love!

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