Saturday, February 2, 2013

Book Review: College Bound: A Pursuit of Freedom

Book Review of College Bound: A Pursuit of Freedom by Emily TomkoPress+Sample  May+Contain+Affiliate+Links

This book takes a hard look at what kids really face, not just when they leave home for college, but anywhere outside the home. Without sugar-coating in the name of tolerance, College Bound: A Pursuit of Freedom calls for an examination of where Christians draw the lines and reminds readers that they must always guard themselves against the chipping away of their faith. 

Although geared towards college students, the lessons of this book apply to Christians of all ages and are a valuable reminder of how easy it is to fall away from God.  The struggles of protagonist Molly are the same struggles that Christians of all ages face every day, and her battle to separate herself from the world is one that must be fought not just once or twice in a lifetime, but continuously and daily.

Even non-Christian readers, especially parents, would do well to take a lesson from this book and learn to look for warning signs in their own children.  Today's young generation faces so much temptation to engage in risky behaviors like sex, drugs, alcohol, and more.  This book helps prepare parents so that they, in turn, can help to prepare their children to make good decisions.

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