Thursday, February 28, 2013

Finding Out Baby's Gender...Finally!

Ever since I got pregnant, I have been out of my mind waiting to know whether we are having a little boy or a little girl.  I have absolutely driven Jesse crazy with quiz after quiz after quiz, all trying to tell me what I'm having.  For months, every quiz I took said, "It's a girl!"  

On top of that, my family just always has girls.  My grandparents, the matriarch and patriarch of our clan, have 17 grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren.  Of all of them, only four are boys.  So, you get an idea of what our family reunions look like.  My brother-in-law likes to tell my sister that the man determines gender, but she always says, "Not in this family."

On Friday, February 22, we finally had our ultrasound appointment.  I was exactly 20 weeks along, and we had had the appointment on the calendar for 5 weeks in order to ensure that Jesse would not be traveling on that day.  Jesse flew home from Luxembourg Thursday evening, and we were up early the next morning, headed for our appointment.

I had read an article about what to expect at the 20-week ultrasound, and I was super excited to finally find out.  Of course, the technician took her time as she gathered all the information, and we waited for what seemed like forever.  Then, finally, she got us a nice view of baby's little butt and said, "See that right there?  Congratulations, it's a boy!"

We were so excited, and after thinking it was a girl for so long, it was incredibly easy to switch gears and think of him as a "he."  When the scan was finished, we left and went to lunch.  My family was all waiting to hear, so I texted my sister and my mom to call me when they got out of their morning Bible study meeting.  My sister called first, and we put her on speaker.  I told her I would let Jesse tell her since he's "the man of the house."  Jesse then made a joke about being the man of the house only for now.  She was expecting a girl so much that he had to say it three times before she realized what he was saying.  She was just as surprised and every bit as excited as we were.

After lunch, we went to Target to pick out some clothes for him.  While we were there, my parents called.  I got on the phone with them and told them, "Jesse is really proud of himself because he was able to break the grip of our family gene pool."  There was a pause, then the realization, and then a lot of excitement and again, surprise.  No one was expecting a boy.

We waited out the rest of the day until my sister arrived from Pennsylvania for a weekend visit.  She had asked us not to tell her until she arrived.  She wanted to just go to the baby's room and open the closet and see the clothing we had bought him.  When she arrived, she started upstairs, saying, "Let's go confirm it.  I already know it's a girl, but let's confirm it."  When she opened the door, she, too, could not believe it.  

Needless to say, everyone is out of their minds with excitement at the prospect not just of a new baby, but of a little baby boy, the first in our family in over a decade!  

My sister and I did some shopping on Saturday, and I bought him his first brand new diaper, a robot pocket diaper.  He is going to look so handsome!

I am so excited at the thought of raising a little boy.  I hope he likes sports as much as his mommy.  His daddy couldn't care less about football or basketball, and it would really be nice to have someone in the house who was into it with me.  Whatever he likes, I just can hardly wait for him to arrive!

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