Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lucinda Bassett Truth Be Told Book Review

I was recently given an opportunity to read the prologue and introduction to Truth Be Told, a memoir by the well-known and renowned godmother of self-help and empowerment, Lucinda Bassett.  Although I am familiar with her work generally, I was unaware of the devastating personal loss she suffered just a few years ago when her husband committed suicide.

As I began reading, I was immediately pulled in by the vivid description of the emotional whirlwind that losing a loved one to suicide inevitably produces.  Having seen two very close friends lose loved ones to suicide - one, a husband and another, a father - I know firsthand that there is no loss like it.  The healing process is a completely different kind of road.  In just the few short pages I read, Ms. Bassett evoked that same emotion as she described the freight train of emotion with which she and her family have dealt and will continue to deal for years to come.

The picture she paints is of a family torn asunder, completely shredded by their loss, and unsure of how to even begin putting the pieces back together.  Based only on the first few pages, it is my opinion that this book, which undoubtedly has served to help Ms. Bassett begin to sort through the tumultuous emotions evoked by losing a loved one to suicide, will also help others to process their feelings and, perhaps most importantly, to accept that what they are feeling is okay, even if it doesn't always make sense.

I look forward to reading the rest of Truth Be Told in the near future.

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