Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7: I am thankful for Isaac

Today, my brother-in-law Isaac is celebrating his birthday, so I want to take time to be thankful for him today.  He and I had a bit of a rocky road to travel for some time, but we were able to work through things and become close friends.

He is an absolutely amazing uncle to my son.  Being the youngest child, Isaac does not have a lot of experience with babies, but he is a natural with Clayton.  If Clayton gets upset, Isaac can almost always get him settled (unless he's hungry, in which case, only Mama will do!), and the best part is that Isaac doesn't freak out and hand Clayton off at the slightest cry.  He sticks it out, figures out what's wrong, walks him around, plays with him, and generally does anything he can think of to settle Clayton down.

I also am thankful for how respectful he is of any instructions or requests I give.  He never second-guesses anything I say or ignores me when I tell him that Clayton needs fed or changed or put down for his nap.  It can be challenging to be a first time mom because a lot of people think they know better than you do.  I get so frustrated when I tell people that Clayton is hungry or tired, and they ignore me and try to solve his problems in a different way.  Isaac never does that.  He always respects my wishes without questioning or trying to tell me that I am wrong.

So, happy birthday, Isaac!  I'm thankful for you today (and every day)!

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