Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1: I am thankful for my husband

Today is January 1, 2014, and it is the launch of my 365 Days of Thanksgiving project.  I am so excited to be doing this, and I am eager for others to join me.  My plan is to not only blog about something for which I am grateful but to also go about my day actively proclaiming my thanks to God.

Today, I am thankful for my husband Jesse.  He works incredibly hard at his job, which has enabled me to stay home with our son, something that means the absolute world to me.  He takes good care of our family, and even though he is often very tired, he spends as much time as he possibly can with me and especially with our little boy.

Jesse will often pick out a treat for me when he goes to the store.  He knows I love to eat, so he will bring home some kind of fun snack.  He always knows just what I will love, and he brings home things I probably would never have found on my own.

He has also put up with my somewhat ridiculous obsession with and addiction to cloth diapers.  I am sure he probably thinks I am nuts, but he has supported my decision to cloth diaper and even changes them himself sometimes.  (Usually, I change the diapers, not because he won't do it, but because I love picking out the next one.  There is something wrong with me.)

Our son Clayton loves his father so much, and I can see it in his eyes when he looks at Jesse.  I thank God that I have a man who works so hard and who loves us so much.  I know it is not always easy for him, especially since he works such long hours, and I do not ever wish to take him for granted.

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