Thursday, April 4, 2013

Things I Love About My Husband

Day 4 of the April Blog Challenge from Green Moms Network:

When it comes to my husband, among other things, I love...

  1. His ridiculous sense of humor that matches so well with my own.
  2. The way he tells stories, always with his own unique flavor.
  3. The amused way he looks at me when I get little-kid-excited about something that really shouldn't be that exciting (i.e., hotel room right next to the elevator, getting to board the plane first because he flies so much, unexpected freebies, etc.).
  4. When he does something really cool that he would otherwise NEVER do, just because he knows it will make me happy.  (See this post for details.)
  5. When he plays with our dogs.
  6. When he decides to make me dinner and says he's making something really simple, then emerges from the kitchen 2 hours later with a gourmet meal.
  7. How he takes the time to call my family members on their birthdays.
  8. How he gets involved when the Steelers have a major game, even though he really doesn't care at all about sports.
  9. Our inside jokes that we find hilarious but could never really share with anyone else.
  10. Being goofy with him. 

What I Love About My Husband

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