Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Hopes for My Children

Day 3 of the April Blog Challenge from Green Moms Network:

Condensing all of my hopes for my children into a blog post is no easy feat, but I am going to keep it simple.My Hopes for My Children

My hopes for my children are:
  1. That they live their lives with Jesus by their sides and always turn to Him first.
  2. That they learn how to always be content with what they have and where they are.
  3. That they grow up to be best friends with each other, just like my sisters and me.
  4. That they have the good sense to remain loyal fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, just like Mommy taught them.
  5. That they have patience with others and with themselves.
  6. That they grow up to find spouses who love, respect, and honor them and who love the Lord.
  7. That they give to others and help others without looking for anything in return.
  8. That they grow up to be so wise that they are continually teaching me how to be a better person.
  9. That they appreciate the love and companionship of a good dog and always have at least one in their homes.
  10. That they always know how very much I love them.
What are your hopes for your children?

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