Wednesday, April 24, 2013

6-Year-Old's Fundraiser to Help a Friend is a Huge Success

6-year-old Dylan Siegel is showing that you don't have to be a big kid to make a difference.  When he found out about his best friend Jonah's rare liver disease, he told his parents that he wanted to help.  They encouraged him to help raise money by holding a bake sale or setting up a lemonade stand, but Dylan decided to aim higher.  He told his mother that he was going to write a book and sell it to make money, and that is just what he is doing.

With help from family and friends, Dylan's parents helped him to publish his book, Chocolate Bar, and it began to sell.  As more and more people have heard about this amazing tale of friendship between two little boys, sales have increased.  Dylan's goal is to raise $1 million for research towards a cure for Jonah's illness, which is known as Glycogen Storage Disease.

For a minimum donation of $20.00, you can get a copy of Dylan's book by visiting the Chocolate Bar Book website.  This is an awesome way to donate to a great cause and help to encourage both of these boys to always look around and see what they can do for others.  It will also make a great teaching tool for your children as you read it to them and remind them of the very important principles that these two boys are teaching us: the importance of being a real friend to someone and that anyone can make a difference if he or she is determined.


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  1. That is really wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Releasing Heaven's power for Jonah's full recovery.