Sunday, April 14, 2013

30 Things I Want to do Before I Turn 30

Today is my 29th birthday, and with the close of my 20s just a year away, I decided to make a list of things I have meant to do for awhile but keep putting off, with the goal of completing all of them before I turn 30.  As I complete them, I will cross them off the list and write a quick post about each.  The list is an idea I have seen a number of places, but I could not tell you where the idea originated or even where I first saw it.  Please feel free to use any of these ideas for your own list!
  1. Run a half-marathon.  (I was planning to do this Labor Day weekend of this year, but when I got pregnant, I had to postpone.  It's going to happen this year, though!)
  2. Visit the Grand Canyon.  
  3. Fly first class.  (This one is going to be happening at the end of this month, thanks to my hubby!)
  4. Find a church I love in Virginia.
  5. Take a cake decorating class with my mom.
  6. Watch every movie on the American Film Institute's 100 Years...100 Movies list.
  7. Get back to my wedding day weight.  (Yikes, long way to go, especially since I have 3 more months of growing a baby before I start my diet!)
  8. Make something on my sewing machine.  (Hello, homemade cloth diapers!)
  9. Complete the 100 pushup challenge.
  10. Get a full month's worth of blog posts finished and scheduled ahead of time.
  11. Become a volunteer.  (I am on my way to this one!)
  12. Read 50 books I have never read before.
  13. Collect 15 bottles of wine that I have not yet tried and save them to drink in my 30th year.
  14. Own an aquarium with at least one fish in it.
  15. Get a massage.
  16. Take a picture every day for a month, then make the photos into a photo book.
  17. Send Christmas cards in time for Christmas.
  18. Find makeup that works for me and learn to apply it properly.  (Yes, I know I am a little late to the game on this one, but better late than never.)
  19. Make homemade pickles.
  20. Make homemade wine.
  21. Make a homemade cake with fondant icing (and then eat it!).
  22. Get 5,000 Facebook followers for my blog page.  (Yowza!  That's a lot.)
  23. Kiss my husband in the rain.
  24. Put together a recipe list of at least 30 easy and fast recipes.  (These don't have to be my own.  They just have to be recipes that are fast so I can feel like I know what I'm doing in the kitchen from time to time.)
  25. Visit Monticello, Mount Vernon, and Great Falls National Park.
  26. Turn one of my photographs into a canvas print and hang it on the wall in our house.
  27. Do a one-week juice fast.
  28. Own 20 different cloth diaper prints, including at least one I made myself.
  29. Write to my Compassion children once a week for at least a month.
  30. Publish a devotional e-book.

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