Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spare Time Super Mom

Being a super mom in my spare time The title of this blog - and its inspiration - comes from my desire to be one of those moms. You know the ones. They have everything together, their houses are spotless, their children are clean and well-kempt, and they always have something just coming out of the oven.

But they also are not full-time attorneys with a truckload of law school debt. Now I know that being a stay-at-home mom is not an easy or relaxing job by any means. In fact, it can be as demanding as any other job, sometimes even more so. But there are certain advantages to it that allow more time to be Bree Van de Camp.

So it's not surprising to hear from women who have all kinds of home tips and tricks for saving money and the planet. They can sit down while their children are napping and mix up a batch of homemade wipes and then get started on dinner

I want so badly to be one of those moms, and I decided that being a working mother doesn't mean I have to give it all up. It just means that I have to come up with my own ways to do all of the things that probably seem mundane to some people but that I would love to spend my days doing.

I'm sure there are other women out there who would love to be Supermom in the evening and weekend hours, so my hope is that this blog will help them find ways to do just that without taking up valuable family time.

I hope to hear from people with questions and their own tips to share on the blog!

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