Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And the hunt is on!

Looking for a job while pregnant I graduated from law school in 2011, and I have spent the last year and a half searching for a job. Most of the time, I have not heard anything from the places I have applied. I have managed to make a little money by working as a contract attorney. I don't mind the work as much as others, but the pay is terrible. So my search continues.

Now that we are about to add a member to the family, I have become even more desperate to find a job. I wish very much that I could stay home with the baby, and it breaks my heart that I can't, but it just isn't feasible. What I need to do is ensure that if something were to happen to Jesse, I would be able to provide for our child.

So, I have been applying for even more jobs than before, and I have expanded my search to include non-legal jobs.

Yesterday, I finally got a response from my application for a real estate attorney position. I applied for three different real estate attorney positions via Craigslist, so I am not sure which one it is, but I am so excited to finally at least have an interview!

I am a Christian woman, and I recently was reminded of Derek Prince's teaching on the Power of Proclamation. To try to summarize his message would be a disservice, but the basic tenet of that teaching series is that we, as Christians, have the power to activate the promises of the Bible by proclaiming them. So after more than a year of not getting so much as an email in response to my applications, I started proclaiming the promise of Jeremiah 29:11. I put it into my own words and said, over and over, "The Lord has plans to prosper me."

Jesse thinks I am crazy, but I kept going with it, and a week after starting to proclaim this promise, I have an interview.

The next step, of course, is getting then to actually hire me. And that should be no problem with my swollen belly, I'm sure. Who wouldn't want to hire someone who is going to work a few months and then take a 3 month vacation. I am an employer's dream.

Honestly, I sympathize with employers who don't want to hire pregnant women or those who plan to be pregnant soon. Three months is a long time to have to pick up the slack for another employee, and from a business perspective, it just seems unfair. Of course, these are sympathies that I plan to keep to myself during the interview process.

Ideally, I would love to get called for one of the federal jobs for which I applied. Great hours, great benefits, and reasonable compensation. Plus, they take so long to hire someone and conduct their background checks that I could probably delay starting until after my maternity leave time was over. That would mean I wouldn't have to keep working until my water breaks.

For now, I plan to keep the faith that has brought me this far and keep on proclaiming that "The Lord had plans to prosper me!"

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