Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Deciding to Cloth Diaper

Reasons to use cloth diapers As much as I relish the idea of a return to simpler times, I never thought that I would consider cloth diapers as a realistic method for containing my little darling's waste. I think a friend of mine best summed it up with the statement, "Ewwww."

But then I got to thinking about it, and I started running some numbers, and then I started picturing Jesse coming to me wondering who spent $150 at the NFL Shop and me answering, "Sorry, dear. I didn't hear you. I'm just washing poo out of these diapers."

I got on Facebook and asked for opinions on cloth diapers. The overwhelming response was, "Don't do it." But after reviewing the comments, I realized that the only people telling me not to use cloth were those who had never used them. Everyone who said she had used cloth told me to go for it.

And so I started doing some research. The first thing I learned was that cloth diapers are actually quite expensive themselves. I almost abandoned the idea right then and there. Being a working mother means NOT being a slave to laundry. I knew the only way I could make it work was by getting a lot of diapers so I would not have to be washing every day, but I did not want to drop six or seven hundred dollars on diapers.

Then I turned to my old friend, Craigslist. I found a woman who was selling 50 prefold diapers, 4 wraps, and 2 rolls of flushable liners for $100. And the best part - the diapers had never been used. They were a gift from her hopeful mother, but they had been sitting around for over a year, just waiting for me.

I snatched them up right away, then added 12 more prefolds to my collection for just $15. The second set had been used on two children but were still a brilliant white. Amazing!

I discovered that over the course of three years, I can expect to save about $1500 by using cloth diapers. This factors in my upfront costs to buy the diapers, and the fact that I tend to change more often than is probably necessary. Since the diapers can be reused, my cost savings for additional children will be around $1800.

After I brought the diapers home, I diapered up a stuffed penguin, just for practice. I think I can get used to this, and even if it turns out to be too much, I can sell the diapers to some other sucker. But at least I can say I tried.


  1. You brave soul. I diapered twins boys and it can be done. I did not have a huge supply and my best pockets were hot pink and purple because I found them for $1. They survived, masculinity definitely intact.

    1. That's awesome! I have been building my stash little by little through giveaways (and one really awesome sale), and I am so excited to start using them. You lucky duck with twins!