Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week One of the 100 Pushups Challenge

Last week, I reported that I was starting the 100 Pushups challenge, which is a workout program designed to help users achieve the ability to do 100 pushups in a row in just 6 weeks.  When I took the initial test last week, I was only able to complete 7 pushups in a row, which was both depressing and motivating.  Since then, I have improved considerably, and I am really excited to see my progress thus far.  I can't wait to see where I am at the end of next week.

The program has 3 workouts per week, each with 5 sets of pushups.  The first 4 sets are a specific number, and the last set is a max out set where you do as many as you can.  Below are the results from the final set of the first week's workout, as well as my thoughts along the way.

Day 1:

Max: 8

Comments: Feeling pretty weak! Getting through the first 2 sets of 6 was incredibly hard, but it was nice to only have to do sets of 4 after that.  I do feel kind of pathetic because I can do so few pushups, but at least I am doing something about it. Gotta stay focused!

Day 2:

Max: 11

Comments: Woo! That was really hard, but I managed to complete it.  Then I surprised myself by cranking out 11 pushups!  I am already getting stronger!

Day 3:

Max: 12

Comments:  After just one week in the program, I can do 5 more pushups than when I started.  I am feeling stronger each time!

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