Friday, June 21, 2013

My baby can beat up your baby...and your dad!

I can hardly believe that I am finally full term as I celebrate 37 weeks pregnant today!  I remember feeling so jealous of the women who were at this point when I was crawling slowly through weeks 22, 23, 24, etc.

Now I can really start trying in earnest to get things moving, and after yesterday's doctor's appointments, I better hope they do move!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my doctor's visits where I was told first that I was measuring large for 34 weeks and then that I was carrying around a full-term size baby at 34 weeks.  (I would just like to take this opportunity to note that while we were traveling in Spain and Ireland, I encountered some typical swollen feet issues, which promptly went away after I prayed over them.  All this with a big boy in my belly - God cares about the little things in our lives!)

Yesterday, I returned to the ultrasound doctor's office for a follow-up, where they informed me that the baby is now measuring between 8 and 9 pounds.  The machine estimated 8 pounds 10 ounces, but the tech said the machine tends to measure high, so she would put it closer to 8 and a half.  Then the doctor said he was getting measurements closer to 8 pounds, which, by the way, just goes to show how unreliable this technology can be.  The difference between these estimates is enough to make the doctor say "c-section" when she would otherwise say, "Go for it!"

I had an appointment with my obstetrician an hour and a half after the ultrasound, so I reported what they told me there so we could discuss the options.  She checked me for dilation - none - and said that the baby is still fairly high, so although he has definitely dropped some since I can now breathe, he is not as low as he could be.  She encouraged me to do as much walking as I comfortably can ("comfortably" being taken with a grain - or six - of salt), but she also said that if he continues to grow at the rate he has been, we may need to schedule a c-section.  I have another ultrasound scheduled for July 5 if I am still pregnant, and depending on those results, it may be slice and dice time.

I will admit that there was a time in my pregnancy when the thought of having a c-section was a major deal to me, and I viewed it much as people view tragedies.  They happen frequently, but not to me.  I was absolutely certain that I would not have a c-section, and the idea of having one filled me with dread.  At this point, however, I have come to terms with it, and it is not that big of a deal to me.  I still would rather avoid it if I can, but there are so many people out there with bigger concerns that I feel worrying about a c-section is a little ridiculous.  

At the end of the day, all I want is for my little boy to come out healthy, happy, and unharmed.  If they have to perform a c-section to make that happen, so be it.  In the meantime, however, I plan to mow the grass and do all the walking that I can.  I mean, if he does happen to pop out a little ahead of schedule and before he gets much bigger, that would be fine with me.

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